Medicap LTC supplies an emergency kit for our customers that are allowed to have them by law. Our staff makes emergency deliveries however; these kits are available for urgent needs. Once a kit is opened, during our next delivery we will trade out the entire emergency kit with a fresh fully stocked kit.

Specialty Compounding

onePACâ„¢ Packaging System

Midwest Compounding is our in-house compounding pharmacy. We compound medications into special dosage forms if needed, such as skin gels or suppositories for residents who may have difficulty swallowing medication. There is no extra cost to the residents for these services beyond our normal prescription prices.

With this system, each resident who follows a drug regimen has a medication strip prepared and verified by one of our pharmacists for their current medication cycle. Each onePAC package is printed with information that ensures the accuracy of each dose. This type of packaging ensures that the right person receive the right medication at the right time, every time. Additional benefits of this system include: 

Our in-house Infusion Pharmacy prepares sterile compounds for intravenous use. Unlike many pharmacies, we offer IV medications, pumps and supplies. This type of treatment is often used for pain management, hydration, parenteral nutrition or those needing antibiotics through an IV. This gives the facility the ability to continue to care for the resident during this treatment, which avoids transporting him or her to the hospital.

Infusion Therapy

  • 30-day Punch Cards
  • 1 & 2-week Dads System
  • Multiple-dose cards
  • onePAC "Strip Packaging"

Emergency Kit

We Offer Many Packaging Systems


Our staff will deliver medications to you twice a day Monday-Friday, and once on Saturday. If an order is needed between delivery times, we are happy to make free emergency deliveries.

  • No additional cost to you!
  • On-time med-pass cycle
  • More time for patient care
  • Data is reduced medication errors
  • Improved inventory management
  • Peace of mind for families